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Welcome To

      Barlestone Baptist Church








We are here to love and worship the Lord Jesus Christ in response to His wonderful saving love for us, and to introduce Him to others so they can know that He loves them too.

Barlestone Baptist Church was founded in 1779. It was one of a number of churches brought to birth through the missionary zeal of the Barton Preachers. They longed for all people to come into a personal relationship with our holy and loving God Who sent His Son Jesus to die for them and to offer them a better life for now and always.


We have the same hope. We believe that Jesus Christ is the one way to God, the answer to people's deepest needs and that He is “the same yesterday, today and for ever” (Heb.13:8). We baptize by total immersion believers of any age who have made a personal commitment to follow Him in their lives.




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